“Love Me, I’m a Liberal” (Phil Ochs)

The “shadiest” shade of political opinion, liberal politics only appears in relation to interest (self and economic). Accrual crucial to this formulation: wisdom and experience antithetical to being “young and impulsive.” Singer declares two formative concepts within such politics: “too far”-ness and “safe logic.” The “lockbox” as stranglehold, and the spacing of the social secured, with a smile.

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“Ripple” (Grateful Dead)

At one point, an argument for the holiness of music, which comes from a “fountain” that’s “not made by the hands of man.” Given this, a self-dismissed admonition as well, questioning originality as it pertains to our “hand-me-down” thoughts. Seeking movement without initiation, as “leaders” in a representative democracy are really just shills. Sitting tight, not knowing where anyone is going to or coming from. Sluggish hippie Bacchanalia celebrating folk music as sustenance. Freedom of consumption.


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“Creepin’” (Grand Funk Railroad)

Secrety, slowly, and incrementally the country no longer is in the hands of the people (sure, sure: we certainly live in a land where leaders endorse Leo Straussian lying and misdirection). And by “tomorrow,” it’ll all be gone: in the hands of the “fools” who are “rapin’ the land.” Long organ lines and hard-rock crooning turn this into a lament: it’s nearly (or really) too late for action. But, were we all to “wake up” right now, we could turn this country in something “strong” and full of “class.” Creepy.


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